The senior technician has 8 years working working the in US Air Force as an F-15 Avionics technician.  As an F-15 technician he was involved in deep and complex software and hardware. Fixing systems to the component level and bit level using hardware and software during troubleshooting scenarios.  He was also certified to do multi-layer circuit card repairs certified to NASA and military standards.

He has worked 17 years+ and is still working in a large Illinois community college IT department. Having performed in various roles as an Oracle DBA, Linux administrator, desktop administrator and support, Oracle Apps DBA, and Java J2EE/JEE instructor.  All with collaboration and coordination with internal IT departments.

And as a hobby, he has implemented his own Linux CentOS virtual machine server that runs various cloud apps that deliver this page to you right now!

For family friends and as a hobby before forming this company, has implemented and managed a full cloud stack for a car dealership.  This effort involved a web server, mysql database, google integration, content building, photography, and much more.

As a paid consultant, has upgraded and expanded the infrastructure for a small mortgage broker by extending computing capability with a half dozen new computers, implemented a data backup strategy,  and migrated data to a newer database.  Assisted an accountants office with data consolidation, laptop setups, printing setups, configured wireless connectivity, malware and virus removal, PC optimization and general desktop repairs and maintenance.  Assisted a United Airlines employee with a remote worker setup configuration that required adding the airline’s systems to the clients home network.

Many other scenarios exist on much bigger scales as career experiences in the college IT department.

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Consultancy is a field of activity that focuses on advising organizations on how best to use information technology (IT) in achieving your business objectives. In addition to providing advice, let us estimatemanageimplementdeploy, and administer IT systems on your behalf.

If you selected an IT cloud solution to start or augment your current infrastructure, let us assist.

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