The Kind of Training Offered


For those who need basic computer skills and help setting up their software or office.

Individual Training


Learn the basics of Windows, and related software. Attend face-to-face, remotely or on site at your facility. You won’t simply be watching the instructor, you’ll be doing.

Our Experience


17+ years experience in IT college support working directly with customers and teams.

7 years experience leading a classroom teaching CE courses covering Java and Enterprise Java software development. The classes spanned months and the topics covered;

Java SWING development.  Students built various applications with a completed GUI interface. The Java EE courses ranged from Web Components to Business Components based on IBM Websphere Rational Application Developer,  Websphere Application Server, eclipse, tomcat, and JBOSS.  Courses covered development and testing of server-side applications using servlets, JSP, JavaBeans, development and testing of Enterprise Java Beans and Websphere Application Server specific extensions.  Topics covered Sessions Beans, Architectures, Security, Best practices, debugging, deployment, persistence, inheritance,  Message Driven Beans, EJB Clients, Container Services, Timer Services, Web Services, packaging, assembly, transactions, and basic application server administration. Students created database driven web pages and apps using abstract schema’s or direct jdbc connectivity.  Students created advanced Java EE applications and dynamic web pages rendering various customized reports.

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